Diamantaire renounces luxurious life to become monk

A 59-year-old diamond trader from Mumbai city donned the whites of a monk on Saturday as he renounced his family and set on the path towards salvation. Yatrik Zaveri, a former partner of one of the oldest diamond firms in the city, was seen arriving for his initiation ceremony at Panchsheel Plaza in the city, with a tonsured head and dressed in simple white clothes. The ceremony was attended by hundreds of people, many of whom came forward to touch the feet of Zaveri, who was presided mostly by Jain monks. Zaveri, who was born in western Ahmedabad city, had been drawn towards the teachings of spiritual leader Labdhichandrasagar Maharaj, while attending a lecture series in the city one and a half years ago. Jainism is an ancient religion whose central tenets are non-violence and love to all beings. Jain monks vow to give up material possessions and any emotional bonds that cause karma.