Delhi youth reaches out to the needy

Anurag started the noble work when he was only 16 with an aim to reshape the social strata of the country. His project engages young professionals from Delhi, Bangalore, Rajasthan, Uttarakhand and Uttar Pradesh who work to improve people's lives.The project constitutes various programmes like WASH - Women Sanitation and Hygiene, Street Smart, Each One Teach One, Clean India Campaign, Promotion of Indian Culture and Heritage. Volunteers from different countries also contribute to uplift the poor. "We have lot of projects out of which we are focusing on sanitation these days, it is called Wash, women sanitation hygiene and we go to slums and we try to propagate the message of sanitation amongst the women and we have people from across the country and across the world coming here interning with us volunteering with us and coming with us and propagating this message of sanitation which is the focus of the government and lot of thing happening about swacha Bharat," said Anurag Chauhan student and Social Worker. The youngster won this year's Delhi Achiever's award for his contribution to society. "We have 'Each one Teach one' where we identify a place a slum a basti try to teach the kids whenever we can but we want to make more fruitful to teach them for every day for two hours," said Anurag Chauhan student and Social Worker. Anurag's work for the marginalised sections of society is an inspiration for many youngsters across the globe.