Dear brides, black is the new red

When it is about wedding, especially an Indian wedding, it is hard to think beyond specific colours like red, green, orange, pink and combination of these.With the passage of time, the choice of colours has changed a bit as one can witness brides in dark palettes or pastel colours, but still colours like black and white, which are considered the most comfortable colour in general life, are exempted from the list of colours a bride can wear on her wedding because of not being an auspicious colour.However, designer Karan Arora has created a beautiful bridal ensemble in black and white, moving beyond what the Indian society has to say about it. Dedicating the entire ensemble to a modern bride, who wants to break through the usual connotations of society, Karan's shoot for the first look of the collection perfectly captures the emotions of the newly-wed. Every piece of this bridal collection carries signature of Karan Arora, which is the intricate hand embroidery.Breaking the taboo of wearing black and white in wedding, brides can unleash their fearless self by flaunting through this bridal wear.