CPEC to only benefit Pak-China, not people of Balochistan: Baloch HRC Vice Chairman

Baloch Human Rights Council Vice-President Hassan Hamdam on September 12 shared his views on Pakistan-China's ambitious China�Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC) project. He said that Pak and China is making CPEC but there is nothing for the people of Balochistan. He added that Pak and China are just making their way to transport their goods. "Pakistan is claiming some mega project that will change the fate of Baloch people, it's going to change the whole region but the irony is there is no water to drink in Gwadar. People don't have schools, they don't have health facilities, and they don't have the basic things. CPEC is not for Baloch people they have no share for them, we don't know what is there for Baloch people because that is the secret project. They are using Balochistan for their benefit and it's not for the benefit of Baloch people to be developed there. They just make their way and make this port to just pass their goods and whatever they want to move around their facilities," said Hamdam.