COVID-19: Recovery cases continue to increase across country

New Delhi, Sep 18 (ANI): As coronavirus cases continue to surge in the country, the recovery graph of states in parallel shows a steady picture. Maharashtra reported 21,656 new coronavirus cases taking total cases to 11,67,496. The state has so far reported 8,34,432 recoveries. Uttar Pradesh recorded 6,584 new infections and 6,806 recovered cases on September 18. Karnataka reported 8,626 new COVID-19 cases taking total number of cases to 5,02,982. The state recorded 10,949 discharges today. West Bengal reports 3,192 new cases, COIVD tally of state reached 2,18,772 including 1,90,021 discharges. 3,192 new cases, COIVD tally reached 2,18,772, including 1,90,021 discharges