COVID-19 outbreak: Pharma industry facing problems due to sealed borders

Amid coronavirus lockdown, the pharma industry is facing problems. Social distancing and screening is observing at the pharma manufacturing units. The President of Himachal Drug Manufacture Association, Dr Rajesh Gupta said, "Coronavirus is affecting the entire world and as we (pharma industry) are connected with the essential services as medicine is requires. As far as Himachal Pradesh is concerned, the borders are sealed, we all are stuck up. We are following all the precautionary measures at Himachal Drug Manufacture Association for the protection like social distancing, no biometric attendance, reduced workforce etc. These are the circumstances which are sort of obstacles to us. The output is drastically down. We have pipeline stock for two months and as far as production is concerned, we have stock till June and July. " A total of 13 positive cases of coronavirus have been reported in Himachal Pradesh as of now