Couples from different faiths tie the nuptial knot at mass wedding in Aligarh

Amidst the ritualistic chants, 76 grooms donning their traditional headgears and dazzling brides looked all set to make the promises of lifelong partnership. Brides and grooms later exchanged garlands and performed wedding rituals in the presence of their family, relatives, and friends. Aslam, one of the grooms had come from the national capital New Delhi to marry Aasma. In the presence of visitors and families to grace this auspicious occasion, the couple performed 'Nikaah', a wedding in accordance with all Islamic traditions. The couple was thankful to the Chief Minister of Uttar Pradesh and Mr. Modi for organising this grand ceremony. All the couples were gifted household items to help them set up their new homes and provide happy start to their married lives.Post the wedding rituals, ecstatic family members sang songs and danced to celebrate.The occasion was graced by religious gurus coming from various faiths, who had come to supervise and conduct all the marriages according to rituals espoused in different religions.Although only one Muslim wedding was performed, but it is expected that more couples would turn up to such kind of ceremony in future. Mass weddings are increasingly becoming popular, especially among the economically weaker sections of the Indian society, as they reduce the financial burden on the couple and their families. Mass weddings not just help weaker section in their marriages but also a platform to promote oneness and harmony among myriad castes, creeds and faiths residing in our country.