There was continuous injustice with Jammu, Ladakh: PM Modi

Ahead of Haryana Assembly elections, Prime Minister Narendra Modi addressed a public rally in Sirsa on Oct 19. While addressing the rally, PM Modi said, "Delhi's sleeping government, kept making the situation in Kashmir worse. A part of us was snatched away - PoK was formed. Some years after, Sufi tradition was finished. Leaders in Delhi thought that if they look after 1-2 families, Kashmir will be looked after. First a part of us was given away, then Sufi culture was finished and then the system of discrimination with Jammu and Ladakh began. There was continuous injustice with Jammu, Ladakh, Kargil - lines of discrimination were drawn." He further said, "Then a move was made where Kashmiri Pandits were murdered in Kashmir, daughters were raped, and they were forced to leave Kashmir."