Condemn this barbaric action Dr Lakhu Luhana on Pakistani forces attacking protest camp

Dr Lakhu Luhana, General Secretary of World Sindhi Congress, in a video condemned the attacks on the families of missing Sindhi political activists who held protest at the Karachi press club."Very sadly the camp was attacked by agencies, police, the people were beaten, four of them were missing. The violence was carried to the extent that women's clothes, were torn. We strongly condemn this barbaric action," he said. Earlier today, Pakistani forces attacked the protest camp settled by the families of missing Sindhi political activists abducted by Pakistani Military Intelligence and ISI. The families of missing Sindhi political activists settled a 3-day hunger strike camp in front of Karachi press club this morning. The protest camp was joined by various political parties and human rights organisations. The Police and Rangers circled the camp in afternoon and unleashed baton-charge against the protestors. The protesters resisted the action and many of them were injured and some arrested by the forces.