Clash between two groups after Karnataka Government approves separate religion for Lingayats

Clashes between Lingayat and Veerashaiva followers erupted after Karnataka government's decision of granting a separate religion status for the Lingayats community. The clash broke out when the Lingayat followers were celebrating the government's decision while Veerashaiva followers were protesting against the same. Ahead of the state assembly elections, the Chief Minister Siddaramaiah-led Karnataka Government earlier today accepted the suggestions of Nagamohan Das committee to form a separate religion status for the Lingayats. The suggestion which has been accepted under section 2D of the state Minorities Commission Act will now be sent to the Centre for the final approval. A seven-member Nagamohan Das committee headed by retired high court Judge H N Nagamohan Das submitted its report on March 2, 2018, stating that "Lingayats in Karnataka may be considered as a religious minority."