Chandigarh youngsters bring a smile on the faces of underprivileged

Chandigarh, Sep 05 (ANI): In these times of Pandemic, when there is an atmosphere of sorrow and suffering all around, these two groups of youngsters in Chandigarh are bringing smiles to hundreds of faces. Popularly known as Team Prerna and Robin Hood Army, these groups recently distributed 700 food packets among the underprivileged children no matter which caste or community they belong to. They named these packets containing buttermilk, cake, biscuit and a mask as Kit-o –delight or happiness kit. Both the groups first assembled the children and then made them stand in a proper line. Children patiently waited for their turn as the youngsters started distributing the happiness kits among them. During the drive, volunteers took care of all the precautionary measures and also followed the social distancing norms to avoid the spread of virus. They also urged people to contribute their bit to the society either by associating themself with an NGO or at an individual level. Such acts of generosity by a group of teenagers in Chandigarh are not just inspirational but also motivate us to rise above all biases and think about those who are underprivileged.