Catalonia refuses to renounce its symbolic declaration of independence

The leaders of Catalonia's two main separatist groups were put behind bars on Tuesday and the trial for sedition is pending as Spain's worst political crisis in decades deepens. Protests broke out in various areas on Monday after they were imprisoned and a government walk-out was held on Tuesday. Catalonia is refusing to back down on independence and Madrid has asked Catalan leaders to renounce its symbolic declaration of independence by October 19. It is highly likely that Spain will impose direct rule on the autonomous region. Meanwhile, Catalonia's police chief remains under investigation after he was accused of failing to order his force to impose a ban on an independence referendum last month. The two pro-independence leaders who have been jailed are accused of helping to orchestrate protests. The Catalan government accused Madrid of taking political prisoners likening it to life under dictator General Franco, when Catalan culture was suppressed.