CASIO launches smart watches; ORIX provides good living facility for elderly

At the consumer electronics industry's largest event in the world, CES 2017, the iconic digital watch maker Casio made its latest timepiece introductions - including the brand new PRO TREK WSD-F20 Smart Watch. Under the CASIO Connected concept, facing the era of internet, CASIO have already made significant technology innovations in terms of connecting analog watches with internet, further increased the value and usability, also lead to the development of today's smartwatches. WSD-F20 is water-resistant, U.S. military compliant and powered by Android Wear.The watch is equipped with built in low-power GPS and full color map functionality that can be used offline to expand the range of outdoor adventures. As the latest edition to the world-renowned PRO TREK brand outdoor watches, it has various magnificent outdoor features. Over the years, CASIO's unique advanced technologies have combined in watchmaking that's a perfect fit for today's digital life. The society of Japan is becoming more aging. The newly opened Good Time Living Saga Hirosawa is one of the residences designed for the elderly which operated by ORIX Living. Suitable for the location of the ancient capital of Kyoto, each of the four season's scenery can be enjoyed from the courtyard. The setup of the tenants' rooms is designed with respect of their privacy and individuality. Tenants can decorate the doorway with their mementos. As necessary, nursing care lift stored in the wall assists the tenants' movement. There is remote monitoring equipment implemented with IT technology. The sensor can prevent hazards before it can occur by detecting the movement of the tenants and reporting to the staff. Services from professional hairdressers are available at the beauty salon. Various activities are also held at the club saloon. The estimate of the business will grow while aging is progressing worldwide. The proposals of having the tenants as the main player of the safe and comfortable senior citizen residence continue to unfold.