Casio holds G-Shock event in Vietnam

Pop music and sports are widely appreciated in Vietnam. Football also has become more popular with the success of the national team. Recently, Fan Festa was a family-friendly event held in Ho Chi Minh City and was organized by consumer electronics company Casio to celebrate dance, music, and sports. Fan Festa highlighted Casio's G-Shock watches, which were reflected on display and for sale at the event. To prove Casio's G-Shock watches' durability, visitors participated in multiple challenges, including finding a Casio watch in an icy water tank while being blindfolded, punching Casio's G-Shock watch fixed on a punch cylinder 20 times and an obstacle course football game to shoot at another watch. Participants who completed the challenges received a commemorative bracelet and a lucky draw coupon. Many people spent their weekend at Fan Festa for entertainment and have fun with their family members. Entertainment includes a freestyle football show. Kids participated after the show, learning the basics of football freestyling. Fans could also show appreciation for G-Shock on social media by clicking photos and using the 'Festa hashtag'. At night, the activities were replaced by a concert highlighting Vietnam's pop stars. Through this event, G-Shock will be more popular in Vietnam for both young and adult men and women alike.