Bru-Reang agreement is a long lasting solution: Swaraj Kaushal

Former Governor of Mizoram Swaraj Kaushal commended recently signed Bru-Reang agreement presided by Home Minister Amit Shah and asserted that it not an ad-hoc arrangement but a long lasting solution. "The Bru-Reang refugee agreement is to settle them permanently so that they lead a life of dignity. The best thing about this agreement is that it's not an ad-hoc arrangement. This agreement is a solution that will last," said Swaraj Kaushal. "It's not Bru-Reangs, these are Indian citizens. These tribes are all along India's border with Bangladesh, they are your first line of defence. You cannot ignore them. There is human compassion and national security angle to it... Now New Delhi has heard, redressed Bru-Reang refugee problem," he further added.