Brazil saw 65,000 COVID deaths, UP with similar population has only 800: PM Modi

New Delhi, July 09 (ANI): Prime Minister Narendra Modi on July 09 praised Uttar Pradesh in its fight against the coronavirus. The PM said that Uttar Pradesh is as big as the country like Brazil in terms of population, still the state’s mortality rate is very less than Brazil, and it shows that many lives have been saved in the state. “A huge country like Brazil, with a similar population to Uttar Pradesh, has suffered around 65,000 deaths due to COVID-19. While in Uttar Pradesh, around 800 people have lost their lives, it means many lives have been saved in the state,” said PM Modi while addressing a video conferencing with Varanasi based Non-Government Organisations. “Experts were raising questions on India, saying this time also the situation will get worse but what happened? Uttar Pradesh, a state with population 23-24 crores, with support of its people overcame all these apprehensions,” Narendra Modi added.

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