Blue Whale Challenge claims one more innocent life

One more kid lost his life allegedly while playing the lethal game of Blue Whale in West Midnapore on Saturday. The class 10 student of Anandapur high school is identified as Ankan Dey. Ankan's neighbor said he had gone for a bath and did not open the door for long. When they broke open the door, his head was covered with a plastic bag tied tightly around his neck with a cotton cord. A local doctor was called who confirmed his death. The gory game of Blue Whale challenges the players to do daring, self-destructive tasks for 50 days before taking the "winning" step of killing themselves. Ankan's friend confirmed that he was playing Blue Whale challenge as many times he told him about this lethal game where the player had to do daring tasks. But his friend denied to play that challenge with him.