Assam: Two cops flee with 60 seized gold biscuits worth Rs 3 crore

In an embarrassing event for the Assam police, two cops of Dispur police ran away with 60 seized gold biscuits. Ironically, the smugglers, from whom the gold biscuits were seized, were the ones who complained to the police about the crime. The state police registered a case against the two police officers after recording the statements of the smugglers, who, too, were booked by the police. "Police officials seized goods on 15 Jan and kept it with themselves. Smugglers reported the incident on 4 Feb and a case was registered. We recorded the statement of the smugglers before the court, when the officers in question got to know about it they ran away. Investigation is underway and a case has also been registered against the smugglers," Deepak Kumar, Commissioner, Guwahati told ANI.