Apps to keep you updated with FIFA world cup 2018

Various companies and start-ups are offering innovative apps to enhance the experience of the FIFA enthusiasts after the start of FIFA world cup 2018. Few of the trending apps amongst users are: Official FIFA App: The official app of FIFA which provides fans with all the information and updates of the live match. The app is available on both Android and iOS, and keeps users abreast will all updates and details. Rooter: The world's first sports social gaming platform that connects sports fans and engages them during live sports matches. Rooter offers unique live match prediction game, Live Fantasy Game and Sports Social Feed across 8 sports. One Football: This app offers fans all the latest updates regarding the world cup. The app also helps users to make the personalized content, based on their favorite team and player. Jio TV App: This Reliance app provides live streaming of FIFA World Cup 2018 matches for free. Although, the app is exclusive to Jio users only. Airtel TV App: Bharti Airtel has rolled out an updated Airtel TV app, to enable users to watch live broadcasts of the upcoming football tournament in regional languages, in addition to Hindi and English. The app will also provide fans with exclusive behind the scenes snippets.