Apple’s Siri to get a new voice very soon

Well, Apple’s Siri has something to share with us, from quite some time, it is droppings hnts or say leaking information about, upcoming WWDC event. Apple's voice-based digital assistant Siri is ready to get an absolutely new voice at the company's upcoming Worldwide Developer Conference (WWDC) 2018. Fascinatingly, this information is being spread by Siri itself. When asked about the annual event, the virtual assistant drops several hints, one of which is, "La la la, Siri is getting a brand new voice." It can be called as a very interesting strategy from Apple to popularize feature’s new specification and of course company’s event WWDC 2018. To some the quirky assistant also replied it will soon get a "new home" which is "mesh and matte." It can be said, that these changes are long due and very much required for Siri to remain in the competition. Recently, Google Assistant added six new voices and gained the ability to make actual, natural-sounding phone calls. Along the same lines, Amazon is pushing Alexa on newer hardware after establishing its strong foothold in the smart home space, the latest of which is Acer's Windows 10 laptops. So, are you looking forward to hear Siri’s new voice? Do let us know, in the comments below!