Adivasi children take to streets to protest Naxal barbarism

Naxal barbarisms in Chhattisgarh's Sukma district has reached such a level that these kids-both girls as well as boys-have now come out on the streets raising slogans and holding placards. Through their march, kids are urging the tormentors of the society to not interfere in their lives. Actually last week, Naxalites kidnapped Mukesh, an Adivasi student and thrashed him. In fact, Mukesh was lucky to be still alive. The satanic forces had murdered a student, Kunjamishankar, after kidnapping him in an earlier incident. This has led to this outburst from the students who are now fed up of the Naxalites and their heinous activities. Naxalites actually fear the growth these kids will accomplish after getting education. They understand that their dubious agendas will be exposed to the Adivasi community if these kids gain knowledge. And that's why they are trying their best to scare these students. But Adivasi kids have stopped fearing them. They have understood that Naxalites are not their well-wishers, but they are the biggest hindrance to their development.