5-yr-old Chennai girl attempts world record by shooting 111 arrows in suspended position

Chennai (Tamil Nadu), Aug 15 (ANI): A five-year-old girl from Chennai, Sanjana, attempted a Guinness World Record on Independence Day by shooting 111 arrows non- stop from the suspended position in 13 minutes. “Five year old girl Sanjana has become first child in the entire world to set a record of shooting 111 arrows in 13 minutes and 15 seconds in upside- down position. Normally in any world competition and national competition, the trained archers shoot 6 arrows in 4 minutes which means 30 arrows in 20 minutes,” said Sanjana’s trainer, Shihan Hussaini. “Sanjana has set a mindblowing record. We are going to send it for Guiness World Records for validation,” Hussaini added.