1 killed, 49 shops burnt in fire explosion

Uttar Kumor Para area, a pottery neighborhood of Midnapur town, continues 200 years old tradition of making 'Diwali Doll'. As a part of traditional culture, people of Midnapur town buy 'Diwali Doll' on the eve of Kali Puja and place this doll into their oratory and light up the oil lamps throughout the night of Kali Puja. Though China bulbs capture the market, attraction of 'Diwali Doll' continues to be in demand. Approximately 25,000 dolls are made this year by 50 families of Kumor Para. Each Diwali Doll has 1 to 50 lamps and their price range from Rs.10 to Rs.200. Potter Anup Pal said, he send some of his doll to Australia.