Video of two male tigers fighting goes viral, tourists who recorded it criticised

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The roaring calls of the two tigers echoing in the forest blew people's minds online.

A video of two adult tigers fighting over territory is going viral on social media, but the tourists who were in the vehicle from which it was recorded are being criticised for their inability to keep quiet.

The undated video that captures a fight between the two tigers in Pench National Park in Madhya Pradesh was caught on camera near the Karmazari gate. Shared first on YouTube, the clip quickly went viral on social media.

The viral videos shows the two animals roaring and hitting each while at least three vehicles filled with tourists look on. Although it's not clear who won, a guide is heard identifying both animals as male and said one of them was called Yuvraj.

Watch the video here:

However, many on social media also criticised the tourists who were in the vehicle for their inability to maintain silence even while witnessing the unique sight. They also said people should have kept their distance and not disturbed them with their constant chatter.

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