New Video Shows Mob Vowing to Not Reveal Mashal’s Killer’s Name

A new video with footage from Pakistan’s Mardan University shot shortly after the lynching of Mashal, a student of Abdul Wali Khan, shows a man urging a group of men to conceal the identity of the person who shot Mashal.

The video shows the mob congratulating each other after killing the 23-year-old student of journalism.

Dawn quoted the ringleader of the mob as saying:

Congratulations, congratulations! Silence, silence! Whoever shot him [Mashal], don’t take his [the shooter’s] name.

Threatening that revealing the killer’s identity will amount to blasphemy, the ringleader who goes by the name Arif, volunteered to be named as the murderer in the video.

Whoever takes his [shooter’s] name will commit blasphemy. If you want to file an FIR, my name is Arif.

Although Arif does not attend Abdul Wali Khan university, he was seen frequenting the university premises.

Hundreds of men attacked journalism student Mashal Khan last Thursday, stripping, beating and shooting him before throwing him from the second floor of his hostel at the Abdul Wali Khan university in the northwestern town of Mardan.

Khan had been known for his liberal views, especially on Facebook, sparking the blasphemy allegations against him.

Twenty-two people have been arrested so far over the killing, which came after the government intensified its rhetoric against blasphemy.

The killing came in the wake of a government drive against blasphemy, a hugely sensitive charge in conservative Muslim Pakistan.

Last month Sharif swore that blasphemers on social media would be prosecuted. The interior ministry also threatened to block social media websites with blasphemous content.

"The state itself has said, there are blasphemers hiding among you, the people; find them! So now the people are finding them," wrote columnist Cyril Almeida in Dawn newspaper over the weekend in comments critical of the government.

(With inputs from PTI)