Video shows family’s close encounter with crocodile after it entered their home in Sri Lanka

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A crocodile sparked panic in a Sri Lankan town after it entered the porch of a house and attempted to attack the rescuers as they tried to capture it.

The residents of the house spotted the reptile, said to be 8-feet long, waiting in front of the main door of their house at 5am in morning, reported local news website NewsWire.

The family alerted the wildlife officials, who reportedly struggled for hours to capture the crocodile as its temper flared.

The incident happened on Sunday in Habaranagama town of Anuradhapura, a capital city of North Central Province of Sri Lanka.

The video captured of the rescue operation showed the crocodile with its mouth wide open as rescuers came on the site. The rescuers used sticks and ropes to restrain the reptile as it charged towards them in a bid to attack.

Eventually, the rescuers managed to tie it with ropes but the agitated reptile violently spun around, appearing to perform a “death roll” – a tactic by reptiles when attacking a predator or being attacked.

Finally, the rescuers managed to capture the crocodile after covering its eyes with a black cloth and tying it up before it was loaded onto a truck to be taken to a safe environment.

It was released to nearby Minneriya National Park.

Crowds from the neighbourhood gathered to watch the wild reptile as the dramatic rescue operation unfolded. Locals told the local news website that the crocodile might have entered the residential area in search of food and water from nearby Makichchiawa lake as it is drying up.

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