Video premiere: Big Boi debuts creative, animated 'In the South'

Big Boi’s third track from his album Boomiverse, “In the South,” is a old-school Dirty South rap fest featuring Gucci Mane and the late Pimp C. Nothing but an extraordinary video would suit this particular tune, so the rapper/producer decided to create an animated one to celebrate it.

Yahoo Music is excited to give fans the first look at the video, which is the latest project in Big Boi’s animation journey. He’s been brewing a new cartoon series called Hotlanta Waxxx, which has been in the works since last year.

“[This video] is not a part of the Hotlanta Waxx series but it comes from that realm,” he explains. “Actually, I got the idea from when I was doing the teasers for the songs for Boomiverse. Cory Mo, the producer for the song, has an animation team and he sent me a clip of some of the guys’ work and we got on the phone and just came up with this funkadelic psychedelic video concept for ‘In The South.’

“It was a cool way to have myself, Pimp C, and Gucci Mane all together. I mean with Pimp C (R.I.P.) not being here, it was just a cool fun way to showcase all of us together and imagine what it would look like.”

Big Boi also stressed that he had a big hand in the creative process of the video: “I always put my creative input into all of the visuals. We collaborated on it and did a bit of brainstorming and I like the visuals to really express how I really see the song.”

He decided to put an animated theme to this particular song to make it stand out a bit from the rest “Because all the videos are different, from ‘Mic Jack’ to ‘Kill Jill’ to ‘Chocolate’ — you know, it was just something that was different from a regular video. Plus, like I said before with Pimp C not being here it was a good way where we can all be in that world, that space together.”

When asked if he could share more about Hotlanta Waxx, the rapper demurred, but added an enthusiastic endorsement: “When people see it, they are going to love it.”

Big Boi just announced a string of tour dates, so if you’d like to catch him live, you can keep up with his schedule here.