Video of Man Eating Animal Carcass on Delhi-Jaipur Highway Explains the Extent of Lockdown Crisis

A heart-wrenching video of a starving man eating animal carcass on a highway surfaced on social media earlier this week. The video, which exposes the extent of the migrant crisis in the lockdown across the country, is believed to have been recorded somewhere on Delhi-Jaipur highway.

The video has been doing rounds on social media and was reportedly uploaded on YouTube on May 18 by Pradhuman Singh Naruka of Jaipur. He claims that he was on his way to Delhi when he saw the man near Shahpura eating the roadkill. Naruka then walked up to the man and gave him food eat.

Naruka later wrote on Facebook, "Humanity was put to shame in Shahpura when a labourer due to hunger was forced to eat a dog. What is worse is that no person stopped their vehicle and saw the need to help him. I gave him food and water to drink..."

Ever since the lockdown was imposed in March, the situation of migrant labourers and the poor has only worsened. From walking hundreds and thousands of kilometres to home, to the accidents where the labourers lost their lives just because they wanted to be home and not starve in cities, the country witnessed stories of utter desperation and helplessness. The images of people walking with their belongings, breaking down on roadsides, or that of rotis left on the railway tack after train crushed over a dozen laboueres, narrate the tale of crisis.