Video: Imran Khan's minister lands in a sex soup

Imran Khan has had more than a nodding acquaintance with lewd  scandals. But that was mostly when a playboy image enveloped him during his cricketing days. 

Even as Pakistan’s prime minister, however, moral transgressions do not seem too far away from him, although he is not involved in this one directly.

Hareem Shah and Imran Khan

This time, Sheikh Rasheed Ahmad, railway minister in Imran’s government, is in the middle of a flaming controversy.  A video that has taken Pakistani cyberspace by a storm has TikTok star Hareem Shah accusing the minister of indecent behaviour.

She can be heard rebuking Ahmad, saying: “Aap nanga hoke mujhe dikhaate thhe. Video pe galat-galat kism ki hartakein karte the. [You used to get naked and show me. You did inappropriate things on camera].”

Hareem has confirmed the veracity of the video and has since been receiving threats.

Some time ago, another video of her had created a furore in which inside a conference room in Pakistan’s foreign office, she was sitting in the seat reserved for the prime minister of the nation.