Video of a huge python eating currawong on rooftop is freaking people out

The woman was astonished to see the fight continue for over an hour. (Source: Cathy Gall/ Facebook)

A woman in New South Wales in southeastern Australia woke up to a horrifying scene on Wednesday morning when she spotted a huge python eating a big bird. Cathy Gall from Kingscliff filmed the giant carpet python lifting the currawong on top of her home while dangling from the antenna on her roof.

"Never seen this before…python trying to eat a currawong on our antenna..," the woman wrote on Facebook sharing the video on the Kingscliff Happenings group, where it frightened and stunned many residents and the video quickly went viral across social media platforms.

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[Disclaimair: The content of the video is disturbing]

"It held the bird for 1.5 hours before it moved and tried to eat it up on the antenna," Gall told Perth Now.

In an update, Gall shared a picture of the snake wrapped around the bird while sitting on their roof. She also added that they did call a snake catcher who suggested she just leave the python alone and let it go about its business.