Video of flagpole falling after college student climbs it goes viral

The student said she got only minor bruises after the fall and quickly back up.

A college student went overboard during spring break in Texas and climbed up a flagpole planted on the beach. But things went horribly wrong as the flagpole fell due to strong winds. The video of her mishap has now gone viral on social media platforms after many of those present on the beach filmed her misadventure.

In a video going viral, the young bikini-clad girl is seen scaling the high metal pole with her bare hands without any safety equipment. As she reaches the top of the fraternity flagpole, the crowd cheers. However, a strong gust of wind causes the flagpole to move, resulting in the girl losing her balance and causing her to come crashing down with the pole. Many of those watching and filming her can be heard screaming.

The video of ‘flagpole girl’ has gone viral on Snapchat, Instagram and Twitter, leaving many in splits while others were baffled about why she climbed the flagpole. The incident took place at the South Padre Island in Texas, where thousands of students throng every year to have fun during the annual break.

As the video went viral and ‘flag pole girl’ started trending online, many wondered how she was. Local news channel KVEO tracked down the girl and identified her as pre-med student Haylee Hoefgen from the University of Kansas .

"There were already girls bigger than me trying to climb the pole and making it 5 feet off the ground," Hoefgen told KVEO. "As soon as it happened, I stood back up and said ‘let’s go harder’," she added. She said she suffered some minor bruises and cuts.