This video of a dog following instructions to do yoga with its master is going viral

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People were impressed by the chihuahua's ability to follow instructions and nail every pose. (@ATLnewsgirl/ Twitter)

There's been little to smile about as the world deals with the coronavirus pandemic, which might explain why a video of a dog doing yoga with its owner is going viral all over again.

The undated video that was shared on Twitter by Amanda in Atlanta (@ATLnewsgirl), quickly went viral and racked up over 6 million views. The video shows a man giving instructions in Italian and the little pooch following it perfectly.

The adorable clip of the dog, later identified as Pancho the chihuahua, was widely shared:

Incidentally, the video is an old one that was on the duo's YouTube channel. However, it went viral again and many commented that they would like to train their dogs to be as good as Pancho. Others shared videos of their dogs doing yoga.

Sadly, the dog seen in the video passed away earlier this month.

As multiple nations across the world have enforced lockdowns to slow the spread of the Covid-19 virus, people have been sharing pictures and videos of their new “co-workers”, who don’t mind the extra attention they're getting.