Video Claiming PM Modi Used Profanity in Gujarat Rally is Fake!


Congress supporter Gaurav Pandhi, who has over 70,000 followers, posted a video on Sunday, 21 April, claiming that Prime Minister Narendra Modi used unparliamentary language while addressing a rally.

Insinuating that Modi used profanity, he questioned whether he respected the prime minister’s chair.

The video was captured from The Quint’s live streaming of the Patan rally in Gujarat, and had overlaid text which said, “Modi said ‘BC’ at a rally.”

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As the video posted by Pandhi became viral, Twitter users pointed out that the prime minister was simply using a Gujarati slang which had nothing to do with any profanity.

According to Semu Bhatt, Modi was saying, “ane have jo badha ko cho ke paani ni ladai thavaan che to...” (If everyone is saying that wars will be fought over water...”)

In the edited video, the ‘thavaan che to’ phrase has been played on loop, to make it sound like a profanity.

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While the viral video was photoshopped and re-cut on a capture of The Quint’s live stream, it is NOT our video.

The Quint has lodged a complaint with social media portals who have allowed this illegal video to be posted.

You can watch the original video, posted by The Quint here:

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