Video captures exact moment when part of dam over Guadalupe river collapsed in US – WATCH shocking footage

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In a shocking incident, a portion of a dam collapsed on Guadalupe River near New Braunfels, Texas in the US on Tuesday. The incident that was caught on camera, shows the exact moment when the middle gate collapsed that led to dewatering of Lake Dunlap. Guadalupe-Blanco River Authority is tasked with managing water resources in New Braunfels. It also manages water resources in its ten-county statutory district, that starts near the headwaters of Guadalupe and Blanco Rivers, includes Kendall, Comal, Hays, Caldwell, Guadalupe, Gonzales, DeWitt, Victoria, Calhoun’ Refugio counties and ends at San Antonio Bay.

Speaking about the incident, GBRA spokeswoman Patty Gonzales told Spectrum News that even as no evacuations were necessary, those living along the water were asked to take precautionary measures and remove recreational items as water currents are rushing at the speed of 11,000 cubic feet per second. She further said that no damage was reported.

However, the repair cost after the damage will be huge. She added that engineers had been working on new gates for all six dams that are managed by GBRA, the price for repair could be tens of millions of dollars for each.

We recognize the value of Lake Dunlap to the community. GBRA is committed to finding a solution to replace the spill gates at all of our ageing dams, said GBRA General Manager Kevin Patteson. The ability to move forward with construction at Lake Dunlap, Lake Wood, and the other dams is dependent on securing funding for these multi-year, multi-million dollar projects, GBRA said in a statement after the incident.

The statement further said, “After the gate failure at Lake Wood, GBRA engaged consulting engineers to determine the most feasible solution for repair or replacement of the spillgates in the hydroelectric system. The result of this analysis led to GBRA s decision to replace all of the aging spillgates with a more modern gate system”.