Video: Angry elephant charges towards tourists’ vehicle as they went too close to film it

Luckily, the animal stopped charging towards the car after it increased the distance with it.

Elephants are mostly peaceful. However, when agitated the giant animals can be quite daunting. Recently, tourists at South Africa’s Kruger National Park were left very scared when one adult elephant charged angrily at their vehicle.

In a video doing rounds on social media, the elephant was seen enjoying a quick snack on the branches of a nearby tree on a rainy day. As the driver approached too close to the gentle beast with a camera in hand probably to get the better view, it left the animal irked. Soon, the tusker was seen angrily running towards the tourist vehicle.

The driver intimidated by the angry animal had no time to turn the vehicle around and quickly reversed as fast as he could to save them from the wrath of the animal. Luckily, once the distance was maintained, the animal stopped approaching the vehicle.

"It had been raining so the narrow gravel road was extremely slippery which made reversing a difficult task. Especially with a 5-ton Elephant charging at you! When I decided to stop filmimg(but the camera still rolling) and look behind me(as I’m trying to stay on the road while reversing), the Elephant stopped," the driver told the Kruger National Park YouTube page.