Video: Alert cop saves Karnataka man after he slips trying to board moving train

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Video: Alert cop saves Karnataka man after he slips trying to board moving train

The alertness and swift action of a police constable on duty at a railway station on Sunday afternoon saved the life of a 45-year-old man. The incident took place at Hosapete Railway Station in north Karnataka’s Ballari district.

CCTV footage of the video shows a man in a white shirt, and carrying a black bag in his hand trying to get on board the train which was already in motion. He, however, slips and partially falls between the track and the platform. He then gets dragged onto the platform even as one passenger tries to pull him inside. At the same time, the policeman is seen trying to get a hold of him to prevent him from going under the wheels.



The struggle goes on for a few seconds after which he is finally pulled to safety, away from the moving train. The passenger has been identified as Yamunappa, a resident of Hosapete, while S Kalanna is the constable with the Railway Protection Force. Yamunappa was trying to board the 57274 Tirupati-Hubli passenger train.

“The train was already moving when the person was attempting to board the train and slipped. He was saved in the nick of time. There have been multiple incidents where we have seen bodies getting cut into two parts in situations like this when someone falls between the train and the platform.,” Bapuji, Hubbali Divisional Security Commissioner, told TNM.

Forty-five-year-old Yamunappa escaped without suffering any manor injuries, said his nephew, Srinivas to TNM.

“He is safe now. He was on his way to Pune to meet his sister by himself. I was at home at the time of the incident. We got a phone call from the police informing us about the incident,” Srinivas said.

Meanwhile, constable S Kalanna will be recommended for a suitable award and recognition by the Railways for his bravery, confirmed the Bapuji, Hubbali Divisional Security Commissioner