Victor Garibay’s take on Commercial Real Estate post Pandemic

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Victor Garibay is one of the top effective Entrepreneurs in the present time. He is very optimistic and positive person. Victor started his profession in Real estate first and ventured into the field of Entrepreneurship. After he became a successful entrepreneur, he began putting resources and investing into new companies, he additionally partook in online media programs, which in the long run drove him to entertainment field. Victor turned into an social media influencer as well. In the wake of turning into an producer and a collaborator in this entertainment field, he went into Executive to Produce TV and Film ventures.

Victor Garibay was born in Mexico City, later he moved to an alternate city and spent his rest of the teenage in Seattle, WA. He has based himself in Sunny Los Angels, CA. Subsequent to venturing into the Entertainment field, Victor didn’t not stop at simply creating some shows, he has produced TV Shows and projects, worked with famous musicians, artists and a great deal of well known social media stars. Victor’s experience directly from Entrepreneurship, land, social media influencer, food and beverages to entertainment, talks a ton about him. He’s worked in various fields and has a ton of involvement all together, which makes him fit and deserving of endless things. He has a great deal of experience just in his 30’s.

Victor Garibay is extremely hopeful personally and consistently considers various approaches to work and remain positive, which spurs others around him to work as well. Victor has a lot of experience and information about the Real estate and the Commercial real estate too. In the wake of working in this field for this long currently, as per his experience he says that the Commercial estate area isn’t the securities exchange. It’s more slow moving and the renting basics don’t change uncontrollably from everyday.

The effect of the COVID-19 pandemic on this market and field is being felt in worldwide real Estate markets, with commercial real estate speculation volumes falling over all significant locales in the first half of the year. The measure of Investments done in the America confronted the greatest half-yearly damage till now with a 37 percent fall in the market. Due to the progressing circumstance, the arrangements and deals between the business space owners and inhabitants are relied upon to experience a few changes, which will bring about shortening the residencies or searching for more noteworthy flexibility. Victor expects that, this COVID-19 will have it’s effect available for quite a while even from now.

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