Victims of domestic abuse, dowry harassment get e-rickshaw training through 'Gauravi' initiative in Bhopal

Bhopal (Madhya Pradesh) [India], Jan 9 (ANI): 'Gauravi' a one-stop center for helping victims of domestic violence and other crimes against women, run with the aid of the Central government, has started a training program under which the participating women are being taught the skill of riding e-rickshaws. The organisation also plans to help them in getting their licenses and clearing up their loans to make them self-dependent. "Most of the women who are undergoing the training program are illiterate. A month-long training program is being run, after which we will also help them in getting loans for getting their e-rickshaws. We will also help them in taking care of their licenses and other paperwork," Shivani, the Director of the institute told ANI here. "Through Gauravi it is an attempt by us to impart the skill of driving to women. It is a one-stop center for aiding the women who have faced domestic violence and abuse. Most of the women who come here are either the sole bread earners for their family or are living alone after years of abuse," she added. The training is being imparted to 12 women in the first batch and the organisation plans to train at least 40 women by the end of this year. "The 12 women who are undergoing the training process currently have shown great enthusiasm. We aim to teach the skill to at least 40 women this year. Most of the women who come here have faced domestic violence, or have been targeted for dowry, they, however, wish to fight back and rise up which is a great sign," Shivani said. The women receiving training at the center expressed willingness to rise up in society and recounted their tales of horror which had pushed them to find ways to take care of their economic needs. "I have been getting the training since January 2. I have to support my two daughters alone as my husband is an addict and fights me whenever I ask for money. I want to do something more for my daughters to make their future better. I come here with my children as I cannot leave them at home alone," Hema Malaviya, one of the women undergoing training told ANI here. (ANI)