Vicky Pattison apologises to Michelle McManus for body shaming her

Natasha Sporn

Vicky Pattison has apologised to Michelle McManus after the singer slammed her for body-shaming her five years ago.

Former Geordie Shore star Pattison hit out at social media trolls for targeting her over “blocking” her sister on her wedding day, posting a lengthy Instagram rant about “negative” comments .

But Pop Idol star McManus clapped back at Pattison as she posted a screenshot of an interview Pattison did in 2014, mocking the Scottish singer’s appearance.

Alongside the screenshot, McManus wrote: “Yes @vickypattison because you’ve never publicly body shamed anyone have you? Oh wait…”

Pop Idol: Michelle McManus rose to fame on the ITV show (Gareth Cattermole/Getty Images)

The reality star has now issued a grovelling apology, telling MailOnline that she “did things in the past she is not proud of”.

Pattison said: “here are a lot of things I did five years ago that I’m not proud of and, to be honest, I wouldn’t even recognise the girl I was back then.

“I cannot apologise enough if my comments caused upset or hurt. I can guarantee even then it was not my intention, just my ignorance. I hope you accept my apology.”

On Wednesday, Pattison posted a series of Instagram videos in response to “cruel” comments about her “stealing the limelight” from her sister Laura on her wedding day.

Pattison was accused of standing in front of the blushing bride in wedding photos, but Pattison told fans that she was asked to be in that position to cover a stain on her sister’s bodice.

The 31-year-old blasted: “Do you think that I can't have the spotlight on someone else for a single second? That I'm that pathetic?

“It's just mental to me, it's insane that people would assume that about us or write it under me Instagram, or take something as special as me sister's wedding day and mar it with your negativity and nastiness.”