Veteran actor Asrani rubbishes Me Too movement: It is 90 per cent lies

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Veteran actor Asrani rubbishes Me Too movement: It is 90 per cent lies

Veteran actor Asrani says that the Me Too movement is just for publicity.

The #MeToo storm has swept across India and precious few industries have been untouched by it. The trigger was Tanushree Dutta's accusations of sexual harassment against Nana Patekar. Following this, several other women came forward and shared their experiences of sexual misconduct at the hands of big names in the industry.

However, veteran actor Asrani rubbished the movement and told ANI, "I support women, everyone should, but all this is mostly for publicity, part of film promotions and nothing else. All this is rubbish, and 90 per cent lies, just to sell it to magazines and for popularity."

He termed the accusations against various actors as "filmy things". "Accusations and blames are all filmy things. Mere accusations mean nothing, don't take this seriously. If you publish Mahatma Gandhi's autobiography, no one will read it but if it's Madhuri Dixit's or Madhubala's autobiography people will come and read it."

The movement gathered momentum in Bollywood, after a woman crew member recounted her horrific experience of sexual assault at the hands of director Vikas Bahl. Following this, several women called out Rajat Kapoor for inappropriate behaviour.

Alok Nath, who has always played the sanskari father in films, has also been accused of sexual assault and harassment by several women.

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