'Very saddening': PM Modi on firing incident in WB's Cooch Behar

During a public rally in West Bengal's Siliguri, Prime Minister Narendra Modi on April 10 conveyed his condolences to the demise of the people who died in the Cooch Behar firing incident and said his sympathies are with the families of those who died in the incident. "What happened in Cooch Behar is very saddening. My sympathies are with the families of those who died, I condole their demise. Didi and her goons are perturbed, seeing the people's support for BJP. She has stooped to this level as she can see her chair slipping away," the PM said. "I would like to tell Didi, TMC and their goons clearly that their ways will not be allowed to work in Bengal. I urge the Election Commission to take strict action against the accused of the incident in Cooch Behar," he added. Earlier, at least 4 people were killed and four got injured in incident of firing in WB's Cooch Behar during the fourth phase of Assembly elections today.