VeriDoc Global and Verification in a Changing World

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Today’s platforms are increasing the speed with which banks, fintech, insurers, accountants and businesses can onboard customers as well as deliver and receive information. Big business is adapting to new technologies, knowing the value that it brings to productivity and reducing costs, while giving them the edge over competitors and smaller business.

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With the onset of technology advances in the last decade, it is impossible to ignore the effects of technology in everyday life. The convenience and ease in which it brings to completing a task and how we communicate with one another has been a plus for many.

When it comes to security and trust, some of us are still wary about the digitization that is taking place. We have reason to do so, considering the number of fraud cases, data breaches and other illegal activities. This does not mean we give up on the idea of leveraging digital tools, considering all the benefits that are attached to them.

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To address the issues of security and trust, VeriDoc Global launched in 2015 to provide anti-fraud and verification solutions. Their first solution, to validate documents, was released after widespread issues of document fraud in the mining industry led to dangerous situations involving fake qualifications and licences.

Since its inception, VeriDoc Global has launched a vast range of products, including VeriDoc HR, which eliminates timesheet fraud and streamlines payroll and audits. VeriDoc Supply Chain verifies each step in a supply chain using a digital handshake straight from a mobile phone app and VeriDoc Sign, the world’s first e-signature solution using blockchain technology, confirms the document you are looking at is the real one and hasn't been altered. VeriDoc Logbook provides venues with a digital record of everyone who has visited their premise which is essential in a COVID world.

In the last five years, VeriDoc Global has opened offices in Asia and delivered projects in Malaysia, Singapore and India. The tech company successfully completed a smart city pilot and is preparing to do more. The breadth of solutions that deliver trust and security has been widely accepted by the Asian market and is swiftly being adopted by many different industries.

What makes VeriDoc Global a pioneer in verification technology is its patented verification protocol, which combines anti-fraud software with Distributed Ledger Technology (DLT), ensuring data can be trusted because the encrypted digital fingerprint of a document can never be altered or destroyed.

To top that, VeriDoc Global has successfully managed to turn a very technical and complex subject into a very simple process for the general public through the use of QR codes. To verify a document or item, users simply scan a QR code using their mobile phone. No special training in fraud detection, special UV lights or expensive hardware is required.

For many businesses looking to leverage technology, VeriDoc Global has been an enterprise-ready blockchain-as-a-service launch pad, allowing companies to adapt their ideas to a fully functional blockchain solution.

As governments and companies look to address the issues of security and trust, VeriDoc Global stands ready, making verification simple for everyone.