Venezuelan president slams attack on petrochemical plant

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Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro (File Photo)
Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro (File Photo)

Caracas [Venezuela], November 1 (ANI/Xinhua): Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro on Saturday denounced an attack on the El Tablazo petrochemical complex, the second on a state plant this week, and warned of a wave of attacks to create the image of chaos in the country.

"Yesterday (Friday) there was an attack on a major Venezuelan petrochemical plant in El Tablazo (in the northwestern state Zulia), also a terrorist attack," said Maduro.

At a public event in Caracas with political parties allied to the government, Maduro warned that the South American country is "subjected to terrorist plans directed from Washington."

On Tuesday, the oil-producing nation's Amuay refinery complex located in the northwestern state of Falcon was attacked with a powerful long-range weapon, allegedly through a drone.

Maduro said that the attacks are directed "against the economic base, against the industrial base, against Venezuela's strategic and fundamental industry."

The president proposed that security and defense plans be taken for new projects, in order to protect the nation's industries.

"It's a war and everyone should know it," he added. (ANI/Xinhua)