Colour-Coded Stickers For Vehicles in Mumbai: Who Will Need Them?

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In an attempt to implement the COVID-19 restrictions announced by the Maharashtra government, the Mumbai Police on Saturday, 17 April, introduced a colour-coding system for vehicles engaged in essential services.

City police commissioner Hemant Nagrale said that the colour coding will ensure that the essential service providers do not get stuck in traffic jams, in case of checking.

What are the colour codes and who will require them?

What are the different colour codes for the essential workers?

There are three colour codes: red, green and yellow.

The red stickers have to be pasted on vehicles carrying doctors, nurses, medical staff, medicines, ambulances, test kits, pharmacies, and all medical equipment.

Vehicles transporting essential food items like vegetables, grocery, dairy products, fruits, bakery items, and others will carry the green stickers.

The yellow stickers will be used by the rest of vehicles engaged in providing essential services like government employees, electric and water supply employees, and the media among others mentioned in the previous notification issued by the state government.

Who will paste the stickers?

The owners/users of the vehicles have been asked to paste the circular stickers – 6 inches in diameter – on the front and rear screen of the vehicle. In the case of a two-wheeler, the stickers have to be pasted in the visible portions of the front and rear sides.

The police will also be providing stickers at nakabandis, free of charge.

When does this rule come into force?

The order shall come into force in the areas under the control of Commissioner of Police, Greater Mumbai, with effect from 7 am on 18 Aril 2021, and will remain in force till 7 am on 1 May 2021, unless withdrawn earlier, the notification said.

What happens with someone who misuses the stickers?

Any person contravening this order or misusing the sticker by affixing the stickers for a reason not exempted under the government notification shall be punishable under section 188 IPC and penal provisions under the Epidemic Diseases Act 1897 and National Disaster Management Act 2005.

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