Vegan 'Fried Chicken' Looking Like 'Cabbage' Instead of Meat Has Annoyed Meat-Lovers, Video of Vegan Dish is Going Viral With Angry Reactions

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Do you love meat, like a die-hard lover who can gorge on it regularly? Then you probably do not agree with vegan recipes or the concept at all. Veganism is a principle that excludes all forms of cruelty to, animals for food, clothing or any other purpose. And it is emerging as a food lifestyle among many. Now a video of a vegan 'fried chicken' has upset food lovers, especially the meat-loving foodies. A small snippet of a fried chicken which is actually made up of soy protein has been shared on Twitter and the meat-lovers are fuming. Although it is soy it very much looks like cabbage! So imagine eating it thinking as chicken and it turning out to be cabbage, that's sheer disappointment if you absolutely do not like cabbage too. Something similar is happening to this video clip as netizens dish out angry reactions to this vegan chicken. Woman Makes Maggi With Milk Instead of Water! Twitter is Disgusted With the Recipe Video (Check Viral Tweet).

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Twitter user @Veganella shared a 10-second clip of fried chicken, only it is not chicken but veggies. But it looks exactly like fried chicken until you take a closer look. Although, she has not made it, it is apparently from a vegan delivery joint in London. The snippet has close to 2 million views as non-vegetarians fume at this concept of making vegan food look like chicken in the first place. The video has gone viral and the user confirmed that it is not cabbage, but soy protein. It reminds us of one time when KFC sold chicken burger instead of vegan burger and had to apologise to their customers.

Check The Viral Video of Vegan Fried Chicken Here:

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The video has 10,000 likes and 9,000 retweets but not all reactions are in favour of the idea. Check some reactions here:


Dumb Idea for The Looks

Raging Heart

Fight Out

Somebody Will Die

So Mad!

So many meat-lovers seemed to be upset with the whole idea of making the vegan food look like non-veg food. While many others enquired about the recipe and mentioned they would like to try it at home. What do you think? Well, if you are a meat-lover then we already know your opinion.