If Veer Savarkar was made PM, then Pakistan wouldn’t have come into being: Uddhav Thackeray

Mumbai: If Veer Savarkar was made the nation's first prime minister, then Pakistan wouldn't have come into being, said Shiv Sena chief Uddhav Thackeray here on Monday.

"Savarkar was a true patriot and nationalist, had he became the prime minister, he would never allowed the nation to be divided into parts by political benefactors," said Uddhav at a book launch event.

Taking a dig on Congress leaders Rahul Gandhi and Mani Shankar Aiyar, Uddhav said, people who defame someone like Veer Savarkar should be openly beaten up with slippers.

"People who insult Savarkar deserves to be beaten up openly with slippers, Savarkar gave up his life for the freedom of the country how dare some politicians criticise him instead of recognising his contribution," said Uddhav

"I bet, if Mani Shankar Aiyar ever comes to Mumbai he will have it from Shiv Sainiks and the people of Mumbai," he added.

Member of Parliament and former Congress chief Rahul Gandhi have also hurt sentiments by calling Savarkar a coward and that he pleaded to the British for his freedom after he was sent to the cellular jail in 1911.

"Rahul Gandhi has the audacity to defame Savarkar, if he does this again he will receive it from us," stated Uddhav, also mentioning Rahul's dream of becoming the prime minister will forever be a dream, thus advised him to prove his calibre of being from the "Gandhi" clan instead.

"Congressmen say Nehru was also a freedom fighter, as he also went to jail. I am not denying it, but if Nehru would survived fourteen minutes of torture, which Savarkar survived for fourteen years, I will rename him as 'Veer' Nehru," asserted the Shiv Sena chief.

Uddhav inaugurated the book - "Savarkar - Echoes From a Forgotten Past" penned by Vikram Sampath. The two volume book is a commentary on Savarkar's life, works and his contribution to India's freedom movement.

Speaking at the event, Uddhav also mentioned the need of raising awareness for people like Savarkar's contribution in the freedom movement.

He also pointed out, the present generation is not aware of the contribution of many nationalist leaders as truth and history were fabricated all these years, to raise importance of certain people whose contribution to the freedom movement doesn't match par with the contribution of leader's like Savarkar.

"Savarkar is often termed as an Hindutva extremist, but he was not. Extremists create bloodshed, he never caused violence, rather he went on jail sacrificing a comfortable life to fight for his nation," cited Uddhav.

Alongside Uddhav, writer Vikram Sampath and Shiv Sena MP, Rahul Shewale attended the event.