I’ve Never Got the Opportunity to Dump Someone: Kangana Ranaut

Kangana Ranaut opened up on nepotism (again), politics, her affairs and her about her thoughts on nationalism at News 18’s Rising India Summit.

Here are the highlights of what the actor had to say:

Kangana On Nepotism

"I didn’t think nepotism would become a national debate. For me, it was just an observation. I am not some activist. I would love to be. But for me, nepotism was an observation. It became a national debate because it was in everybody’s conscience." - Kangana Ranaut, Actor

Kangana On PM Modi

"I’m a big fan of Modi. We need to have a good role model. It’s not his victory that he became the Prime Minister, it’s the victory of the democracy." - Kangana Ranaut, Actor

Kangana On the Hrithik Roshan “Affair”

"Why should something so unimportant be a mystery. I thought I should share it with people."

Kangana On Love and Her Relationships

" I have had so many affairs that after every breakup, I feel like this is the end of my love life. " "Things change very fast. For me, love is not just physical, it’s spiritual and platonic. It’s an amazing experience you feel when every cell of your body is awakened, even if the person is not around." - "I’ve never got the opportunity to dump someone. They come back but then I can’t take them back because then I‘ve moved on to another loser. Never got the privilege to dump anyone. I always got dumped." - Kangana Ranaut . Read more on Bollywood by The Quint.I’ve Never Got the Opportunity to Dump Someone: Kangana RanautNo Bikinis on Indian Streets: Tourism Minister to Foreigners . Read more on Bollywood by The Quint.