VDEX Pty Ltd. Obtaining MSB license in US, Canada and Australia, proceeding its globalizing strategy

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On November 2, 2020, VDEX Ltd. announced its acquisition of the US MSB License, Canadian MSB license and Australian DCE license. The acquisition of these licenses symbolizes the success of VDEX’s globalization strategy of digital property.

This symbolizes a further step of VDEX’s compliance and globalization. Acquiring the licenses allows VDEX to legally provide digital property services in the US, Canada and Australia. VDEX can now provide service in the US and worldwide under the supervision of the US Department of Treasury and other regulators.

The acquisition of the International MSB License is an important landmark of the standardized management and global strategy. But we believe that VDEX has much more potential. With the expanding vision of VDEX in the future, its digital value carrier VC, will be a popular digital currency in the encrypt market.

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