Vashi rape: Call records of survivor noted

Mumbai: Vashi Police have pulled up the Call Data Records (CDR) of the 36-year-old man who was allegedly gangraped on September 23 near Sagar Vihar Lake.

Police are awaiting the reports of dump data of the mobile tower location near Sector 6 of Vashi, where the incident occurred to ascertain which mobile numbers pinged on the tower at the time of incident.

The CCTV camera footage of the areas adjoining Sector 6 of Vashi are being scrutinised to put together a sequence of events on the basis of evidence.

Police said, they are yet to identify the spot where the incident allegedly occurred and are awaiting for the survivor to get discharge. Meanwhile, to proceed with the investigation, police are probing the case on the basis of the statement recorded by the survivor.

To identify the people matching description of the accused rapists, police have requested to access the dump data from a mobile tower on the location. “We are awaiting the reports of the dump data and will then analyse them with the CDR of the survivor.