Varun Grover Accurately Sums Up The Controversy Surrounding 'Padmaavat'

Varun Grover in his latest stand-up act narrates the story of 'Padmaavat' and takes several digs at protesters AND Shahid Kapoor.

The movie Padmaavat has been subject to several controversies in our country.

Violent threats to actors and makers, vandalism of property, protests by fringe Rajput groups, multiple modifications (including the title), imposition of ban by several states, just to name a few.

While the Supreme Court had last week paved the way for the all-India release of the movie after staying bans imposed by some states and restraining other states from issuing similar notifications, the governments of Rajasthan and Madhya Pradesh moved the Supreme Court on Monday, seeking modification of its order.

National award winner and member of the comedy-musical group "Aisi Taisi Democracy" Varun Grover in his latest stand-up act -- Padmaavat & The Parrot -- narrates the story of Padmaavat. From taking several digs at the protesters and Shahid Kapoor to naming the real culprit behind Bhansali's epic saga, Grover covers it all.

Lock your doors, close your windows, draw your curtains before watching the video here: